Branding, Why Brand? Branding is one most important characters in every business, small or big, online or retail. Branding can be done on any clothing garment, here are some of the different types of branding we offer:


Our embroidery is done using state of the art machinery and trained operators, why should you choose embroidery on your garment?

  1. Quality - An embroidered logo looks professional, neat and district, and very precise.

  2. Longer Lasting - embroidery does not wash or fade out, it is sewn into the garment thus becoming part of the garment.

  3. Colour Choice - The most frustrating part of branding is the amount of colours you can choose, some logos have a lot of colours imprinted together at once, with embroidery there’s definitely a wider range of colours to choose from.

  4. Quantity - There are no minimum quantities or very low minimum quantities when choosing embroidery.

Screen Printing

  1. Price - Screen Printing in an inexpensive way to brand, depending on the quantity (mainly larger quantities).The more colours and the more positions on the garment will cost more, but the bigger the quantity the less it will cost.

  2. Versatility - You can print on to almost anything, the fabrics that embroidery wont.



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